Here’s a word that’s thrown around a lot: hustle.

It’s about working hard, fast and for many, many hours—late into the night and early in the mornings.

It’s to take on a single mindset, put your head down to pursue success and come up for air when it is done.

“Do this,” they tell us, “and you make your own success.”

For entrepreneurs all the way to low-level employees, the hustle mentality is more than just encouragement to work hard and realize a dream, it’s a mantra and a badge of honor worn by those willing to sacrifice everything for the goal, believing their time and efforts is a small price to pay for following their passions and changing the world.

You don’t need more hours, you need better hours

We don’t argue that hustle doesn’t work—because of course it does, for many. So many successful people—from Elon Musk to Gary Vaynerchuk, to venture capitalist all over the world— point to their ‘hustle’ as the reason for their success.

But we believe that working hard and working long are two separate things. That one does not require the other.

You can be all in at the office, distraction free, understanding your focus and concentrating on the work, and be all out when you’re not.

To us, it’s a matter of maximizing the time you have and not pushing until you break. The long workweeks sound impressive, but at some point, the law of diminishing returns catches up to you and the extra hours you’ve spent start making you less productive.

You don't need more hours, you need better hours.

Three principles to champion

Secrets to success are truly a dime a dozen (in our opinion, of course). So ours are more like principles that we champion. They’re simple we try to implement to get more things done.

  1. Do it when you said you’d do it
    Work/life balance doesn’t mean leaving things you said you’d do today for tomorrow. Schedule yours hours in a day and work like hell to stick to it, so nothing carries over.
  2. Work smarter
    Streamline your workflows with the right tools and processes. Take the extra time to plan a project right at the start and save yourself time on the backend.
  3. Turn it off
    When you’re off, be off. Pour your efforts into the other aspects of your life that bring you happiness, or grow you as a person. It’s not truly preparation for more work, but if that makes you feel better, it can be.

At the end of the day, I hustle and you hustle to get more and more things done.

But it’s not about the rah-rah, working 80 hour weeks, pushing till we break, it’s about being at our best. Doing what we need to do, when we need to do it and doing it right the first time.

Do this. Let other people call it hustle.