Here’s the issue in a nutshell.

The other day I was talking with an agency’s Creative Director.

He remarked that he couldn’t remember a time in his 20-year career where his team was producing such an incredible amount work in such a short amount of time.

“I remember when campaigns took weeks to develop,” he said. “Now we’re creating and pitching in less than 96 hours.”

They aren’t weak campaigns, either. They can’t be. Clients need better ones than those in the past. They need multi-channel, multi-purpose, and need them now.

And it’s not just the creative industry. Nope. It’s life.

Today, we don’t just do business at the speed of now, we do everything (live, work, play) at the speed of now.

That’s the issue.

The best teams out there (the ones who succeed) make now possible in their organizations—to be more innovative, effective, and do more impressive work in fewer hours.

Want to know how they do it?

Journey with us for the next 12 posts as we explore how to get more done.

We’ll condense and share the ideas and practices of the leaders who are teaching all of us a better (and more productive) way to work, individually and as teams—with, of course, our own ideas on the matter.

That’s one hell of a promise, we know.

But it’s one that won’t waste your time.

At the 30,000-ft. level, these companies, individuals, and teams get more things done by focusing on three areas.

  1. Motivation—a culture of happier, healthier people
  2. Structure—processes that create order and autonomy
  3. Balance—environments where all on, all off is encouraged

There’s a lot to unpack, here so get ready. From theoretical to practical advice, we’ll break these down into short, 6-8 minute articles delivered over 6 weeks.

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